Grace for striving.

I can say with complete confidence it’s harder to parent today than it was for our parents.
We are the advanced generation, an era of parents mindful of the total child, this increasingly complex creation with multidimensional needs across a plethora of categories – their socialization, academic enrichment, extracurricular experiences; it’s exhausting.
My mom? She woke up and mommed. She did the best she could with what was in front of her. And while she didn’t do it perfectly, it was hers.
We’ve become the victims of our own advancement. For many, myself included, the liberation that knowledge brings actually holds us captive, trapped inside a hamster wheel of intentions and striving.
Because we can’t master it all. And the more plates we add to the juggling act, the more we end up dropping.
You know how many plates I can carry at once? Six. It comes from a decade in the food service industry and makes for a fabulous party trick.
You know what happens with seven? Melted butter in someone’s lap.
What’s important for us to remember is that we all have limits. The danger of all this exposure is to become buried in having to master it all.


Grace must abound.

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