Should: My New ‘S’ Word


You can’t see me, but I’m beneath the pile – worn and beat down by the verbiage that screams, “You’re not doing a good enough job.”

This is what the word “should” does to me. There’s nothing positive behind it, only the feeling of defeat.

Lately, I’ve been purging this word from my vocabulary, and, as a result, I make choices out of an empowered place and not one of shame.
What about you? How does the word “should” feel when you say it aloud about an endeavor you’re considering?

Like any good habit, you can’t just remove something and call it a day – you must replace.

This week consider the following words. Say them aloud and feel the difference in how they make you feel about a certain thing. Set a goal to find how many replacements you can make. Winner gets a prize. (Seriously)
* “Can.” There is nothing you can’t achieve with dedication, persistence and patience. Slow progress is still progress.

* “Want.” I love that this word directly brings emotion into the picture. The saying, “emotion creates motion,” is true. You have to desire the outcome to fully pursue it.

* “Will.” This is perhaps the most dangerous of the substitutes because it requires commitment. Set a date. Create priorities. Start right now. {If you need help deciding what steps to take, start here.}

It’s your life. You call the shots. Stop burying yourself under piles of guilt and shame and instead, empower yourself to achieve the best for your life, and your loved ones. You deserve it!
Do you know someone who could benefit from these words? One of the biggest gifts you can give another is the authority to live their best life. Share!

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